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NEW YORK – AlmondNet's (
www.almondnet.com) Data Division announced a partnership with Invite Media (www.invitemedia.com), creator of Bid Manager©, the first universal buying platform for display media, for use of AlmondNet’s Keyword and Segment-Based data by Invite Media platform users.

Powered by proprietary and patented Post-Search technology, AlmondNet aggregates and categorizes keyword and segment-based data from data-providing sites to enable scalable delivery of targeted online advertisements by data-using ad networks, ad exchanges, demand side platforms and their marketers.

“Users of Invite Media’s Bid Manager© will gain access to AlmondNet’s pre-packaged and custom segments, allowing them to access and leverage targeting data for instant audience-building, significant reach, and real-time performance feedback,” said Michael Benedek, President of AlmondNet’s Data Division.

"AlmondNet data, when matched with Invite Media's reach and optimization functionality, will enable advertisers to reach the exact audience they are targeting," stated Zach Weinberg, Co-Founder, President, and COO, Invite Media. "They’ll be able to target audiences throughout the ‘purchasing funnel.”

About AlmondNet

Founded in 1998, AlmondNet (
www.almondnet.com) is an aggregator of data and a licensor of intellectual property and enabling technology for the delivery of targeted ads. AlmondNet’s data, proprietary technology and operated network enable the delivery of ads to computer users based on their observed online behavior wherever they may be found, in a privacy sensitive manner. AlmondNet is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).

About Invite Media

Invite Media is an advertising technology company headquartered in New York City. Invite Media operates Bid Manager©, the first universal buying platform for display media. Integrated across every ad exchange and publisher aggregator, Bid Manager© is a fully self-service and automated buying platform used by dozens of ad agencies, networks and media buyers to execute and optimize online display campaigns in real- time. Invite Media's investors include First Round Capital and Genacast Ventures. For more information, visit www.invitemedia.com.

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