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Invite Media, Almondnet partner for keyword, segmented data

A new partnership in the online space should help more marketers utilized both keyword data and audience segmentation information. This month begins a partnership between Invite Media, an advertising technology company, and AlmondNet, a data aggregator. Through the partnership AlmondNet will provide Invite Media with keyword and segmentation information for the Invite Media user base.

by Kristina Knight

Invite Media created the Bid Manager platform.

"AlmondNet data, when matched with Invite Media's reach and optimization functionality, will enable advertisers to reach the exact audience they are targeting," said Zach Weinberg, Invite Media COO and co-founder. "[Marketers can] target audiences through the purchasing funnel." Many researchers believe consumers go through a specific set of steps before making a purchase, creating a funnel. First consumers become aware of a product/brand, then they form an opinion, begin to consider the brand/product, form a preference and then convert to purchase.

The partnership with AlmondNet will give Invite Media users access to AlmondNet's Keyword and Segment-based Data platform.

"[The partnership allows] them to access and leverage targeting data for instant audience building, significant reach and real-time performance feedback," said Michael Benedek, AlmondNet Data Division president. By allowing Bid Manager users access to both keyword and segmented information, the platform potentially helps to increase both the reach of online campaigns and the ability to make adjustments when campaigns do not fare well in the online space.

Marketers may use information from the partnership as they buy ad space through advertising networks, exchanges and demand-side platforms.

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